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There are 12 Classic Jaguar Saloons with owners beginning with "P" in the database. Click on the owner's name to contact them via our email form.

Pan Jaguar
Owns: 637332  

Updated April 30th, 2017. Not legal proof of ownership.

Paul Kluka
Owns: P1B56323BW  

Updated February 7th, 2017. Not legal proof of ownership.

Pekka Telivuo
Owns: 647194  

This E-type (1E76372BW) was my first car when I bought it over 17 years ago. It was love at first sight! I got it back on the road in 1998 and then we were a 2+2 family! Now I have three children and three other Jags from 1950 to 1998. After 16 years I sold my 1st car to a nice man from Hamburg, Germany, but could not live without an E-type! Editor-in-chief and Vice President of FJDC

Updated October 9th, 2013. Not legal proof of ownership.

Peter D. Madsen
Owns: 774443BW  

Updated October 27th, 2014. Not legal proof of ownership.

Peter Hays
Owns: S940941  

Updated March 29th, 2009. Not legal proof of ownership.

Peter Jan Rusch
Owns: 1B59272BW  

Updated October 24th, 2016. Not legal proof of ownership.

Peter Pratt
Owns: 1B78199BW  

I AM 55 Years old I suffered Stroke 2 years ago In Jan 2010 in an effort to give me something to do I purchased a 1965 LHD 3.8 S-Type Automatic that I knew needed work done. This has been the best therapy I could have asked for, i work on the car for as long or short as I want, and I have really enjoyed it. I am not trying to turn the car into a concur car, just a comfortable reliable second car to run around in at weekends

Updated June 9th, 2010. Not legal proof of ownership.

Peter W├╝thrich
Owns: 738967  

Updated October 26th, 2011. Not legal proof of ownership.

Phillip Newman
Owns: P1B56636BW  

I am 17 years old and I have been interested in jaguars for 10 years and curently doing up a 1965 S Type.
i also have a 1983 XJ6 sedan with a TVW body kit.

Updated January 12th, 2008. Not legal proof of ownership.